CBD Gummies V.S. THC Gummies

Chocolate or vanilla?

Pepsi or Coke?

West coast or East coast?

This or that -- when it comes to two popular rival options, one isn’t better than the other, it just depends on preference. Although we will say, chocolate is DEFINITELY better than vanilla.

But that’s a topic for another day.

Today, CBD gummies vs. THC gummies is the topic of debate that you can find all over the internet or overhear at just about any party.

Before taking a more in-depth look into the two, it’s essential to understand that they serve entirely different purposes. 

THC-infused gummies, on the one hand, are meant to get you high. Just as if you were smoking cannabis, consuming THC gummies has pretty much the exact same effect. The major difference between smoking versus eating THC is its time for the high to kick in. With smoking, you can expect to achieve a high in 10-15 minutes, but eating it may take over an hour because your body has to go through its digestive process.

CBD-infused gummies, on the other hand, are non-psychoactive or, in other words, they don’t get you high. While THC gummies are used to get high, CBD gummies are used to heal. 

To better understand why people use CBD-infused gummies, let’s take a quick look at CBD’s beneficial properties.

Since CBD has been a trending topic for the last half-decade, many studies have been conducted on its benefits.

A few benefits of that have been studied and shown ample evidence of effectiveness include being a sleep aid for people with insomnia, reducing anxiety, and chronic inflammation, just to name a few. 

CBD-infused gummies provide all of those same benefits, but in a convenient and more enjoyable form as a tasty gummy.

Beyond the benefits, the reasons behind the popularity of CBD-gummies include the fact that they come in a wide variety of flavors, are easy to dose, and they are also discreet.  

Whether it’s at your home, the morning commute to work, or in a social setting, taking CBD-gummies allows you to reap the benefits of CBD without any judgment. 

After all, they’re just gummies.

Whether you’re looking to achieve better sleep, curb your anxiety, relieve joint pain, or just for the calming properties that CBD presents, CBD-infused gummies are an effective and enjoyable way to get your daily dose of cannabidiol. 

If you’re looking to give fun CBD-infused gummies like gummy bears or peach rings a chance, check these out and give them a try!

Oh, and if you can’t tell, we’d choose CBD gummies over THC gummies any day of the week!

-Your Friends at RAW GUMMIES

November 19, 2020 — Eli Elias

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