The Best Full-Spectrum CBD Gummmies

It's no secret that Raw Gummies are unlike any other CBD candy you've tried. Made EXCLUSIVELY with phytocannabinoid rich FULL SPECTRUM CBD oil, rich in CBC & CBG, every gummy is packed with a dose of cannabinoids that is sure to fill you with that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Why Raw Gummies?

Raw Gummies was founded by chemists from the pharmaceutical industry with a knack for making safe and effective medical-grade CBD infused gummies!

Third-Party Lab Tested For Quality
Full-Spectrum CBD Infused
Chemist Formulated & Certified

No Egg-Cuses; Don't Kale Animals

As animal lovers (and many on the Raw team vegan too) we had to make a delicious CBD treat we could eat ourselves. The Raw lineup of Vegan candy has the same great taste as our original gummies, but without gelatin, the animal derived gelling agent found in traditional gummies.

Let's Get Tropical!

Our Original Gummies can pack a major punch, but may be too hemp tasting for some. Raw's Tropical CBD Gummies are a delicious alternative for anyone who wants to mask the natural earthy flavor of Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. Sunkissed by mango oils, our Tropical Gummies will make you feel like sipping on something nice by the beachside sunset. 

Shop Our Best Seller!

With a whopping 40 CBD gummy bears per container, there's no wonder why everyone loves our full spectrum CBD gummy bears! 

Our Jokes Are As Good As Our Gummies

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How Long Does CBD Last In Your System?

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CBD Gummies For Your Vegan And Organic Lifestyle

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